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EnhancedAD - Apple Mac & Windows Network Integration

Counterpoint's Apple services team are leading experts in Apple Mac (Open Directory) and Windows (Active Directory) integrated networks for education. They work closely with school and college IT teams to design and deliver the integrated solutions they require.

Full integration with Windows Active Directory brings many essential benefits to an Apple solution, including standard student logon, cross-curricular / cross-platform file access, and integration with existing network services such as Internet, follow-me printing and backups.

Dedicated Apple servers provide complementary services, including flexible and robust management of Mac systems based upon AD users and groups. Mac servers also manage access to the high-performance storage solutions required by music and media suites due to their volume of work.

In addition to integration of Mac and iOS solutions with Windows (AD) networks, Counterpoint offers a range of substantial enhancements. These benefit both students and teachers by allowing more efficient workflows, improved interaction and secure cross-platform access of user files.

Apple and Windows Integrated Network

Apple iOS & Windows Network Integration

iOS Device Management in Education

Managing mobile devices in an integrated Mac / Windows network is an important area of development for many institutions. Counterpoint's MDM solutions provide schools with a cost effective way to provide access to school services for mobile devices, such as file access and follow-me printing, whilst ensuring they remain secure and correctly configured.

Counterpoint support a number of MDM's, including some hierarchical solutions that provide teachers with extra teaching tools, content distribution and a collection of features and control over the devices in their classroom.

Files and Resource Access

Providing staff and students with the ability access content and resources from the schools network significantly enhances the way in which mobile devices can be embedded into the curriculum.

These tools fall into two broad categories. File 'distribution' / 'hand in' tools which are teacher managed, and direct file access tools that allow users to access their personal Windows and Mac Home folders or shared areas on the network. An additional layer of file access (Files Anywhere) allows students to access their work and resources offsite from their mobile devices.

Learn more about 'Files Anywhere' and sign up for a free trial of Foldr.

Student File and Resource Access

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