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Technical Support Services

The quality of technical support available for an ICT solution is crucial, and Counterpoint's expertise in Windows and Mac network integration allows them to offer schools a very competitive support service, improving resolution times and reducing overall costs for the school.

Their detailed, cost-effective support strategies include on-site hot-swappable hardware, extended warranties, e-mail, telephone and remote technical support, real-time server and backup monitoring, on-site technical visits and training.

Ad Hoc Remote & Telephone Support

The remote support element of the service provides a 'virtual' on-site specialist who understands any issues that may arise within these specialist solutions. They can connect to machines to resolve issues and make system configuration updates remotely, providing an immediate positive impact on student / teacher interaction and learning. This support service is available by the hour, half-day or full day.

"The speed and quality of Counterpoint's technical support means that we don't require a dedicated Apple technician on-site, and any technical support issues are few and far between."

- Thomas Phillips, IT Services Manager, Thurston Community College

On-site Reconfiguration & Servicing

Some support issues require a more extensive servicing package, in which a Counterpoint consultant would provide a tailored proposal for your specific system and performance requirements.

Music Mac Suites - Training Course

Apple Mac Suites

Reconfiguration to integrate fully with an Active Directory network via EnhancedAD.

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Recording Studio Skills - Training Course

PC Music Suites

Reconfiguration to fix critical issues, such as running Cubase over the network.

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Microphone Techniques - Training Course

Recording Studios

A full solution service and review by a specialist engineer, including cabling and tie lines.

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Music Software - Training Course

Audio Networks

A full solution service and review by a specialist engineer, including cabling.

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Partnership Support Services

Apple Mac facilities can be uneconomical for school IT teams to support. Issues can require significant experience and specialist training to resolve, resulting in a disproportionate amount of time being spent on handling these. This in turn impacts teaching time for the creative subjects and can negatively impact the school's wider ICT support services.

Counterpoint's trained engineers use their expertise in supporting Apple solutions throughout the UK, to provide a competitive partnership support service for the creative departments, improving resolution times and reducing overall costs for the school.

"Counterpoint's technical support has been superb. I get rapid response to support requests, and most importantly the system is reliable - which lets me focus on teaching & learning."

- Adam Laird, Norton College

"I can't overstate the importance of Counterpoint in making all of this a success: They designed and installed the whole system, and their technical support has been outstanding."

- Harpinder Singh, Washwood Heath Academy

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